Choose your own destiny

..or someone else will

23 December
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I was "born", if you want to call it that, in 1944 in a field in the ruins of a church in the English countryside. Some nazis had a ritual and it didn't quite pan out for 'em. I was raised by a great man -Trevor Bruttenholm- and I have spent most of my life fighting monsters like myself as part of the B.P.R.D.

I've been around a good long time and seen a lot of the world. I've seen things stranger than myself and I've seen things that even I was scared of.

More recently, I've been foreced to deal with the facts and the questions surrounding who and what I really am. I need to figure out the answers on my own...maybe when I've found the answers I can go back to those I care about....maybe part of the answer is that I can't. Who knows.
For now..I'll be there for them...because they need me.

((RP Journal for Hellboy, whome I do not own because Mike Mignola is a better man than I. This story leaps off the canon ship right between The Third Wish and The Island... my apologies to canon.))